Robert Beatty (1803 – 1890) Family Tombstones

Photos of the tombstones for Robert and 2nd Wife Sarah were in the previous post.

As stated in an earlier post, Robert’s family is well documented by his family bible (the transcript is available online), but it’s also well covered in the piece about the Beatty Cemetery, which appears in the Beatty 2000 Project Notebook. I have provided a link so you can read the full article.

We’ll take Robert’s children in order of their birth.
Robert and Nancy Wilson Beatty’s children – all of which were born in Armstrong Twp., Indiana County, Pennsylvania:

Oldest son Andrew Beatty (20 Nov 1825 – 27 Jun 1894). Andrew moved west with his father and is buried in the Beatty Cemetery, Sibley, Minnesota. He never married and had no children.

Andrew Beatty d.1894

Second son Hamilton Beatty (28 Oct 1827 – 29 May 1906). He moved to Minnesota with his family, but returned to Pennsylvania to marry Sarah “Sallie” Speedy 8 Apr 1869. They returned to Sibley for a good number of years and he was even Treasurer of Sibley County. He migrated to Oregon and died in Salem, Marion County in 1905. He is buried in the Salem Pioneer Cemetery. He and Sallie had two children: Harry and Mattie F.

Hamilton Beatty

Hamilton’s wife Sarah “Sallie” Speedy Beatty (18 Jul 1843 – 4 Mar 1909) is buried next to him in Salem.

Sarah Speedy Beatty

Robert and Nancy’s third son Robert Beatty, Jr. (2 Oct 1829 – 6 Sep 1858) moved to Minnesota with his family. He never married and had no children. He is buried in the Beatty Cemetery in Sibley County.

Robert Beatty, Jr.

Daughter Letitia Kimmel Beatty (5 Nov 1831 – 31 May 1833) died in Indiana County, as did her younger sister, also named Letitia (28 Sep 1833 – 20 Aug 1844). Both were named for Robert’s sister. Their burial location is not known.

Son Joseph Wilson Beatty (4 Oct 1836 – 2 Apr 1863) did not marry and had no children. He is buried in the Beatty Cemetery.

Joseph Wilson Beatty

Son William Anthony Beatty (13 Jul 1839 – 29 May 1859) did not marry and had no children. He is buried in the Beatty Cemetery.

William Anthony Beatty

Son Samuel Bothel Beatty (15 Nov 1841 – 27 Sep 1921) He served in the Minnesota 10th Infantry Regiment during the Civil War. After the war he married Katherine R. Storey (Oct 1842 – 5 Jun 1920) in 1867. I am not sure whether they married in Sibley or if like his brother he returned to Pennsylvania to marry. He and Katherine had four children: Lulu N., Gertrude D., Cora M., and Horace Durward. Samuel is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, McLeod, Minnesota. I have requested a photo of the stones for he and Katherine, but do not yet have them.

Son John James Beatty (22 Apr 1844 – 14 Apr 1845) named for Robert’s youngest brother, born and died in Indiana County, Pennsylvania. Burial location unknown.

Nancy Jane Beatty (3 Oct 1848 – 4 Feb 1862) was the youngest child of Robert and Nancy Wilson Beatty. She died at the age of 13 and is buried in the Beatty Cemetery in Sibley, Minnesota.

Nancy J. Beatty d.1862

Robert Beatty and 2nd wife Sarah Robinson were married 2 Dec 1851 in Indiana County, Pennsylvania and had two children – both born in Washington Twp., Indiana County.

Son James Robinson Beatty (10 Sep – 1852 – 31 Jan 1945). James married Emily Augusta Maas, 20 Feb 1880 in Sibley County, Minnesota. He and Emily had nine children: Sarah Mable, Clark Andrew, Robert William, Nellie Maud, Martha Florence, Grover Cleveland, Gertrude Maria, Grace Irene, and Allen Lloyd. Clark Andrew and Grace Irene are buried in the Beatty Cemetery with their grandparents. James is buried in St. Paul’s Lutheran Cemetery in Gaylord, Sibley County.

James Robinson Beatty

James Robinson’s wife, Emily Augusts Maas (16 Oct 1857 – 9 Aug 1940) was born in Germany and arrived in about 1865. She is buried in St Paul’s Lutheran Cemetery in Gaylord with James.

Emily Maas Beatty

George Washington Beatty (5 May 1855 – 22 Jan 1890) is the last of Robert’s children. The family bible states he died in Rich Hill, Livington, Missouri. There is no record of a marriage in the bible, and I have not yet located any records concerning his death or the location of his burial.

If anyone has knowledge of George Washington Beatty’s burial location, please let me know.

The next post will be tombstone photos for James and Rebecca’s children family.

Photos courtesy of the Sibley County Historical Society and other contributors on Find A Grave.

Andrew Beatty and Sarah “Sally” Unknown

Moving back a generation from Rebecca Beatty to her parents Andrew and Sarah “Sally” (Unknown) Beatty.

Andrew Beatty was born about 1774 in Ireland. Some have widely reported his birth location as County Tyrone, but I have seen no smoking gun documentation of that location. The family bible of his son Robert Beatty documents his own birthplace as Northern Ireland, and Tyrone is one of the six counties that make up Northern Ireland.1

His arrival remains open for discussion. I have found no Naturalization record for Andrew; however, I did find the following information in the Beatty 2000 project:2

History Of Pioneer Family Chronicled At Rural Gravesite Article published in “THE LAND” Friday, Dec. 5, 1986, Gaylord, Minn., This article is about Andrew’s oldest son Robert Beatty.

“Robert Beatty, Sr. and his wife Sarah came to Minnesota in the spring of 1857 from Illinois. Beatty and four of his sons, Andrew, Hamilton, Robert, Jr., and Joseph W. each made claims of 160 acres, each in Dryden Township. Beatty, the son of Irish immigrants first settled with his parents in Quebec and later in Pennsylvania. There he married Nancy Wilson in 1824, the couple had 12 children. After the death of his first wife, Beatty married Sarah and the family resided in Illinois briefly before coming to Minnesota.”

Andrew’s daughter Rebecca consistently reported her place of birth as Ireland, but son John James Beatty, born about 1827, consistently listed his place of birth as Pennsylvania.

Andrew appears on the 1830 and 1840 censuses in Armstrong Township, Indiana County, Pennsylvania.3,4 In both cases, he is residing next to his son Robert. There are multiple other Beatty families on these pages; however, while it is believed they are related, the exact relationship is not yet known.

The 1850 and 1860 census finds Andrew and family relocated to Washington Township, Indiana County.5,6 In 1850, Andrew is living beside his married son William and married daughter Rebecca. In 1860, Andrew is living beside his married son John J. and near married son William.

The next time I locate Andrew is on the 1870 Mortality Schedule.7 The schedule was conducted in June of 1870 and details the people who died within the twelve months prior to that date. This census states that Andrew died in October at age 95 of paralysis. This clearly dates his death as October 1869. He is buried in Plumcreek Presbyterian Church Cemetery with his son William and daughter Margaret. His tombstone states his date of death as 12 Oct 1871; however, this stone was not place until 1893 when his daughter Nancy J. Beatty provided for the stone in her will.8

The Andrew Beatty Family:
Andrew (abt 1774 – 12 Oct 1869)
Sarah (Sally) Unknown (abt 1779 – 15 Mar 1874) Sally is buried beside daughter Nancy J. Beatty with a stone that matches Nancy’s and Andrew’s.

Andrew and Sarah’s children:
Robert (25 Apr 1803 – 10 Mar 1890) Robert first married Nancy Wilson (15 Jul 1803 – 22 Apr 1850) with whom he had 10 children. He next married Sarah Robinson (11 Mar 1812 – 4 Feb 1875) on 2 Dec 1851 in Indiana County, Pennsylvania, with whom he had two children. Robert migrated with his family to Dryden, Sibley, Minnesota. His family bible is available on GenWeb.9
Letitia (27 Feb 1806 – 4 Jul 1895) m. Andrew Kimmel (11 May 1803 – 24 Aug 1879) Letitia and Andrew had no children. She and Andrew are buried in the Elderton United Methodist Church Cemetery.
Margaret (abt 1810 – 24 Feb 1878) Some trees note a marriage to John Moore; however, I found no evidence that Margaret married. She is found on each of the named censuses 1850, 60, and 70, under her maiden name and her tombstone is also with the name Beatty. There is also a 1 Jul 1850 christening record at the Plumcreek Presbyterian Church for a child named Charlotte, daughter of Margarette [sic] Beatty.10 No other record for the child is found. The only Beattys recorded in this church are the Beattys of this family group.
Nancy J. (abt 1816 – 6 May 1893) never married. Her will names her sister Rebecca and her brother Robert along with several of her nieces and nephews. A scan of the original and a transcript is provided.
William Beatty (abt 1818 – 1 Jul 1865) m. Sarah Lewis (abt 1831 – 19 Apr 1904) no children.
Rebecca – addressed in previous posts
John James (Sep 1826 – 2 Apr 1906) m. Letitia H. Smith (16 Jan 1831 – 6 Jan 1896) John and family removed to Clay County, Kansas, after the Civil War, where he remained for the rest of his life. John and Letitia are buried in the Greenwood Cemetery in Clay Center, Clay, Kansas.

I have provided family group sheets for Robert and John James. Brothers William and John James both served in the Civil War.

A note about the Beatty line. There is an excellent source of information on Rootsweb (and now on Ancestry) called the Beatty 2000 project. This follows the lines of multiple Beatty families and attempts to connect them by documentation and now by DNA. This particular line is Lineage #84. The other Beatty line in Indiana and Armstrong counties is Lineage #82. It is believed that Andrew is the son of the John Beatty (#82) which leads that line, but no documentation has been found. DNA research is now being conducted.

My next post will be Beatty tombstone photos and then I will move on to the Shaffer line. Peter Shaffer was the husband of Nancy M.J. Beatty.

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Arie (Ike) Burgraff – Just the Facts

Ike 1927

Ike was the relative I most wanted to learn about when I began my research. He died 28 April 1939 in Salem, Marion County, Oregon, of Pulmonary Tuberculosis.1 He was just 30 years old, and he left behind a wife and four young children. I quickly found the 1910,2 1920,3 and 19304 census records on Ancestry along with the Oregon Death Index.5 This information made ordering his death certificate much easier since I was able to include the date and certificate number.

He was born 22 October 1908 to Jan (John) Burggraaf and Maria (Mary) Kortlever in Lynden, Whatcom County Washington. Ancestry has the Washington Births, 1907-1919,6 database available and this provides more documentation of his actual birth date and his mother’s name of Maria Kortlever.

Ike married Dorothy Josephine Johnson on 3 August 1927 in Bellingham, Whatcom County, Washington.7 Her mother, Lucy Jane Wilson Johnson was one of the witnesses.

He was buried in Monumenta Cemetery in Lynden, Whatcom County, Washington, where he shares a tombstone with his brother Bert.

Having the facts is always nice, but it isn’t the only thing this is about. Getting to know something about an ancestor makes all of this more meaningful. Collecting information is helpful, but hearing family stories and myths makes that ancestor come alive. While I have begun writing the family story, it is much too large to share in this forum. This forum will have parts of the story and things that lead me in certain directions for research. It will also detail portions of the search to find the story. The next couple of posts will provide the facts for Ike’s parents and grandparents. Families are often so intertwined that to understand the story, you have to know who the family is. It’s that old adage “You need a scorecard to keep the players straight.”

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The Johnson, Wilson, and Tuttle Page

The basic page for the Johnson, Wilson, and Tuttle family is up with a pedigree chart. There is so much to tell about this family and there will be some interesting posts coming. I have been searching for the hometown in Sweden of George Alfred Wilson for almost 10 years. There were some notes from our family that listed it as Amsdale or Amsvale, but this turns out to be a false lead. I have found that the actual location was Sundsvall. I will detail that search and provide the sources in a future post after I get the rest of the pages up. Research of George Alfred Wilson’s family will be high on my list when I go to Salt Lake City this summer to work on genealogy.