The Lawton and Pickle Page

The first of Scotty’s family pages is now up. This was the family that hooked me on genealogy and writing about family history. I saw a picture that included Cynthia Viola Lawton, Mary Etta Pickle Lawton, and John Pickle, and I had an epiphany. My father-in-law knew his great-grandfather well and had in fact spent the first 12 summers of his life on John Pickle’s farm. I was able to talk to a man that actually knew someone who fought in the Civil War and lost part of his arm at the Battle of the Wilderness.

The newest research in this line actually centers around Mary Mitchell, John Pickle’s mother. The family of Robert Mitchell and Jane Smith of Armstrong Township, Indiana County, Pennsylvania, is proving to be tough to sort out. There are several Mitchell families in the area and the time period is pre-1850 so there is quite a tangle and not as many online records as I’d like.

The other area of work needed is on the family of Margaret Jamison born 1842, whose parents appear to be Archibald Jamison and Hannah Thomas. Margaret Jamison is the mother of Elmon Grant Lawton and wife of Stephen C. Lawton. Stay tuned – this going to be another tangled line.

The Johnson, Wilson, and Tuttle Page

The basic page for the Johnson, Wilson, and Tuttle family is up with a pedigree chart. There is so much to tell about this family and there will be some interesting posts coming. I have been searching for the hometown in Sweden of George Alfred Wilson for almost 10 years. There were some notes from our family that listed it as Amsdale or Amsvale, but this turns out to be a false lead. I have found that the actual location was Sundsvall. I will detail that search and provide the sources in a future post after I get the rest of the pages up. Research of George Alfred Wilson’s family will be high on my list when I go to Salt Lake City this summer to work on genealogy.

The Burgraff Kortlever Page

The first page is up. The pedigree chart reflects where I am as of today in my research. What it does not show is all the work within the individual families and that will be coming in future posts. I’ll try to let everyone know where I’m at and what I have. Feel free to contact me and ask questions either through the contact me or by clicking on contacts below. As I add information the pedigree chart will be updated.

Welcome to Find My Dead

Today is the first post.  I will be putting the site together over the next couple of weeks – so check back! The first tree that I will post will be on the Burgraff page.