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The pedigree chart for this family line is now up. The spelling of MacLean versus McLean happened between 1915-1920. I have left Margaret Frith McLean’s spelling based on her birth certificate; however, sometime around the death of Margaret’s father George Edward McLean in 1915, her mother Nettie Ella Frith McLean began to use the spelling of MacLean. This declaration is from the 1899 request for a Widow’s Pension filed by Susan Wynn Frith McLean, the mother of George.1 The signature on the bottom left is George E. McLean. The family story is that Nettie changed the spelling based on the myth that the Scottish spelled it Mac and only the Irish used Mc. Her children adopted the change and their later records are MacLean. I have left Margaret’s records under her birth spelling of McLean.

While I now have locations to research in England the Brimlows and Browns, the Friths are going to be more complicated. I have some leads to explore when I go to Salt Lake City, but I have nothing beyond a marriage location to begin with on William Frith.

1.Declaration For Widow’s Pension by Susan W. McLean; Civil ar and Later Complete File (NATF 85D); Federal Military Pension Applications; National Archives and Records Administration.


  1. Al McGeehan says:

    Folks, I am a long time collector of Civil War artifacts and have a very large collection. I speak at many different functions throughout the year here in Michigan. I thought that you might appreciate knowing that earlier today I held in my hands a Civil War officer’s sword and acabbard. The sword scabbard was engraved “P. B. McLean”. Since it is the very type of sword carried by young lieutenents in the Civil War, I have every reason to believe that was owned by your ancestor. I may be able to take photos and at least connect you with the current owner who is a Civil War reenactor.

    Al McGeehan
    Holland, Michigan

  2. I would be very interested in photos and contacting the owner – thank you for thinking of me. Please contact me at my regular email
    Thank you,
    Sharon Scott
    Tucson, AZ

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