Scotty’s Scott, Beatty, and Shaffer Families

Attached is the pedigree chart that begins with Robert Clare Scott, born 5 May 1890 in Elderton, Plumcreek Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. He was the oldest son of John Pettigrew Scott and Anna Mary Beatty both of Plumcreek Township. These lines have proven to be some of the more difficult research in Scotty’s family. While Margaret Olinger’s family is well documented, her husband Zachariah Scott has been a real problem. He is the illegitimate son of James Scott and Mary ‘Polly’ Anthony. Anna Mary Beatty is the illegitimate daughter of Nancy J. Beatty and an unknown father. She was raised by Peter K. Shaffer and many of her records are in that name although she was never adopted by him. There is a lot of Beatty work to do yet.

Scott, Beatty and Shaffer Pedigree Chart

Some of the surnames in this line:
Scott, Anthony, Olinger, Yount, Reisinger, Hauer, Shaffer, Craig, Beatty