Turner and Rigby

Happy Dancing

The joy and sorrow of genealogy is that just when you find the most exciting things… you run into the reality that you may not find anything else for that family due to the lack of extant records. There just aren’t that many things from the 1700s. The other reality is that there are even fewer if your people were poor. About the best you can hope for is christening and marriage records from the local church. These are all I’m working with right now.

Based on the records in Wigans All Saints we know that the mother of our immigrant ancestor William Bromilow (1800-1873) was Jane/Jenny Turner. The baptism record for her first child George stated the family’s abode was Shevington, a small town near Standish. Through the Lancashire OnLine Parish Clerk Project, I was able to locate Jenny’s christening record (as shown in the previous post) in St. Wilfrid’s in Standish. I can’t tell you how excited I was and how much giggling ensued. The name William Turner got to me immediately. I had visions of Orlando Bloom as Will Turner in The Pirates of the Caribbean. I immediately downloaded a picture of him and made it his profile picture on Ancestry. I’ll eventually replace it with an image of one of his records, but just allow me my moment…
Once I had Jenny’s christening record, I bounced into the marriage register to see if her parents had married there, or if they’d made the trip to All Saints in Wigan. I was incredibly excited to find their marriage record and more giggling immediately ensued.1
4004870_01822 Here I am staring at a 1754 marriage record and all I hear in my head is The Beatles singing “Eleanor Rigby.” How lucky am I?

Even while singing, I began digging for records and building the family.

Based on the records in St. Wilfrid, here’s what I’ve gathered:
William Turner (?- buried 2 Apr 1791)2 married Eleanor Rigby (?- buried 6 Jan 1778)3 on 30 Sep 1754. I found three known children:
1. Jenny baptized 18 Jun 1758 m. William Bromilow (unknown b&d) abt 1789
2. William baptized 16 Jul 17614 m. Elizabeth Kitchen 15 Jul 17825
3. John baptized 1 May 1768,6 buried 16 Oct 1791 St. Wilfrid.7

In looking for William Turner’s baptism, I found no viable candidates in the baptismal registers of St. Wilfred between the years (1720-1741). While there are several William Turners in the “area,” I have no way of narrowing them down at this time. Nor can I rule out the Williams born between 1710-1720 as there is no way of knowing if this was a late marriage or even a second marriage.

There were no Eleanor Rigbys within that range either, but there was an Ellen Rigby baptized 11 Nov 1739, daughter of John and Margaret. While I’ve seen Ellen and Eleanore used interchangeably, I wouldn’t want to hang my hat on this one. ** Note – The Ellinor Rigby baptized in All Saints in 1727 is NOT ours – that Ellinor married Ralph Jolley on 29 Apr 1753. Yeah… I was disappointed too.

There are other parishes to be searched, but this is where I’m going to leave this line for now. I made it back much further than I ever thought I would.
Henrietta back

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Brimlow/Bromilow & Chaddock & Turner

Reaching Back

We always hope that a marriage in a specific church will lead to the baptism records of those individuals in the church. If William Bromilow and Ann Chaddock married in All Saints than it made sense to look for their records there. I used the Lancashire OnLine Parish Clerk Project (did I mention how much I love this site) and found two Ann Chaddocks – one born/christened in All Saints in 1801, the daughter of Matthew and Peggy (Chisnall) Chaddock of Hindley,1 and the other christened in St Aidan in 1799 the illegitimate daughter of Betty Chaddock of Billinge.2 Both records lead to more questions than answers.
Ann 1801 With one of William and Ann’s daughters named Margaret, I could easily have just accepted Matthew and Peggy, since Peggy is a pet name for Margaret. However, William and Ann have 3 sons after this and none of them are named Matthew, nor is there a grandchild named Matthew or Margaret. The other problem is that the few records we have for Ann show her as being older than William with ages that equate to a birth year of 1797 or 98. The Ann in All Saints is born and baptized in 1801. While age variant isn’t unusual, this one seems a little big. I’m not saying it isn’t them, I’m just saying it doesn’t feel right.
Ann 1799 As for the Ann born in Billinge, we get no help with a birth date so the child could be anywhere from 1 week to 3 years. I find I’m much more comfortable with the age of this Ann baptized in 1799 over the Ann born/baptized in 1801. Also, the fact that Ann’s daughters Margaret and Jane are born in Billinge could lend meaning to this location/relationship – perhaps they had moved closer to Ann’s family for the birth of their second/third child. There are many Elizabeths in the tree below this level, but it’s such a common name and Ann’s son George married an Elizabeth that we can’t take any specific meaning from the name. As much as I’d like to accept this record, I can’t.

There simply isn’t enough evidence at this time to declare a parent for Ann Chaddock. The most we can say comfortably (based on the available records) is that she was from Wigan Parish in Lancashire. I’m not done researching, but I am setting her aside for now.

There was much better luck in locating a matching record for William. I was fairly certain that William was born in January or February of 1800 based on the multitude of records, including his New York death record, so I began with that date in mind and quickly located the following:3
1800 William Baptism While I was excited to find William’s birth and baptism, I was ecstatic to see the additional information with the name of his mother’s parents. There was a whole bunch of genealogical happy dancing going on when I found this. These names were confirmed through several more records. Once again the Bishop’s Transcripts found on Ancestry were not as good, since they erroneously state William’s mother’s name is Mary and said nothing about Jenny’s parents.

After a few days of digging through the parish records, this is the family as I now know it:
William Bromilow and Jenny/Jane Turner had the following children:
1. George Bromilow/Brimalow born 3 May 1791, Shevington, baptized 21 May 1791 All Saints Wigan, 1st son. He died Jun 1857 Orrell and was buried 11 Jun 1857 at St Thomas the Martyr, Upholland. George married Mary Knowles (2 Apr 1784 – Aug 1851), daughter of Thomas and Margaret Knowles on 4 Feb 1808 in All Saints. They had 9 known children together. They lived their life in Orrell and all the children were baptized in All Saints. They along with many of their children are buried in St Thomas the Martyr in Upholland near Orrell.
2. Unknown 1st daughter – I have not yet found any baptism or burial records, but daughter Betty is listed as the 2nd daughter. It is probable daughter #1 died shortly after birth and prior to being baptized.
3. Betty Bromilow born 3 Mar 1797, Wigan, baptized 18 Mar 1797 All Saints Wigan 2nd dau., died May 1804 Orrell, buried 6 May 1804 St Thomas the Martyr, Upholland.
4. William Bromilow/Brimlow, born 16 Jan 1800 Wigan, baptized 8 Feb 1800 All Saints Wigan, 2nd son. Married Ann Chaddock 5 Sep 1819 All Saints Wigan.
I have found no other records of children for William and Jenny/Jane, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more out there. Nor have I found a birth/baptism record for William Bromilow born between 1850-1875.
*Note – All sources are up in the BurgraffScott tree on Ancestry and also in FamilySearch.

However I did locate the 18 Jun 1758 baptism record for Jenny Turner thanks to having the name of her parents from her children’s baptism records.4
Jenny Turner 1758 - Copy
I’ll post more on William and Eleanor Turner later. But, yeah… I was doing a lot of happy dancing. **Note – Jenny/Jinny are pet names for Jane.

I have not yet found a marriage record for William and Jenny. What I can prove is that they are NOT the William Brimilow and Jane Turner who married in Saint Helens on 6 Sep 1790 for the following reasons:
1. The St Helens Jane Turner was a widow so her maiden name would not be Turner. Our Jenny/Jane Turner’s parents were named as William and Eleanor Turner in Jenny’s children’s baptismal records.
2. Our William and Jenny/Jane had a son George Bromilow born 3 May 1791 and baptized 21 May 1791 in Wigan. That William and Jane Brimilow had a son named John Brimelow born 26 Dec 1791 and baptized on 13 Jan 1792. Seven months is possible, but they continue to have children at the same time our William and Jenny/Jane are having children.
3. Our Jenny/Jane was born in Shevington (as was her first son George) and she was baptized in St Wilfrid, Standish. Her children were all baptized in Wigan, which is only 4 miles away while Saint Helens is almost 20 miles from her known home. It is southwest of Billinge in the map below – it’s in the Parish of Precot.
Lancashire Parish map

1. All Saints, Wigan, Lancashire, Baptismal Registers 1799-1812, p.51, Ann Chaddock, born 8 Mar, bap 29 Mar 1801, parents Matthew and Peggy [Chisnall] Chaddock, Hindley, Weaver, wife parents William & Betty Chisnall, Original registers.
2. Christening records (accessed 28 Nov 2015), St Aidan Billinge, Lancashire, Baptismal Register 1787-1812, p24, Ann Chaddock, bap 2 Jun 1799, illigitimate daughter of Betty Chaddock, abode Billinge.
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