Attached is a pedigree chart that begins with Margaret Frith McLean, born 11 April 1899 in North Hempstead, Queens County, New York. Margaret was the middle daughter of George Edward McLean and Nettie Ella Frith. George and Nettie were both from Brooklyn. The Frith name will repeat in this chart. Susan Wynn Frith, number 5 on the chart, is the sister of Gerge R. Frith, number 6 on the chart, so William Frith will also appear in block 10 when I get around to doing the update. This chart is where I am currently working and while I know more than is printed on the chart, I won’t put the info on the chart until I finish sourcing the material properly. This is part of that long process of review that I chose to do when I changed software programs. The weakest line of research is on the Friths and this line will be getting a lot of attention when I go to Salt Lake City this year.
McLean, Frith, Brimlow, and Brown Pedigree Chart

Some of the surnames in this line:
MacLean, McLean, Frith, Swasey, Brimlow, Weeks, Chaddock, Brown, Turner