This is Scotty’s MacKenzie and MacDonald line.

Attached is the pedigree chart of David MacKenzie, born 18 June 1900 in Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland. He is the son of William Morrison MacKenzie and Maggie Rutherford MacDonald. This line needs quite a bit of work yet. I am getting ready to begin work by branching into the parish records and working my way back. I will begin in Clackmannanshire and then move into Bo’Ness, Linlithgowshire. The Morrison line seemed to be fairly well documented in FamilySearch records, but I know the Smiths and Mathies will not be that easy. The records are found with a variety of lessons and the only difference between Mac and Mc is who was doing the spelling!

MacKenzie MacDonald Pedigree Chart

Some of the surnames in this line:
MacKenzie, McKenzie, Morrison, Smith, Gardner, Boslem, Duncan, Anderson, MacDonald, McDonald, McLaren, Mathie, Bain