Scotty’s Lawton and Pickle lines.

Attached is the pedigree chart of Cynthia Viola Lawton, born 1895 in Shelocta, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. She is the daughter of Elmon Grant Lawton and Mary Etta Pickle. The Lawtons came to western Pennsylvania from Rhode Island and were some of the earliest settlers of Armstrong County, and have been in the U.S. since before the Revolutionary War. Ophelia Cook, wife of Samuel Lawton, is a Mayflower descendant. The Pickle and Schrecongost lines are also from the earliest settlers of Indiana and Armstrong Counties in western Pennsylvania. Both familes are originally from Germany and the Pickle name was most probably Bickle when the family arrived in the mid 1700s. The Mitchell line is Scottish and English and research on this line is just beginning.

Lawton Pickle Pedigree Chart

Some of the surnames in this line:
Lawton, Pickle, Pickel, Bickle, Cook, Gray, Brown, Irish, Jamison, Mitchell, Rischell, Mogle, Smith, Parkinson, Almy