My Burgraff and Kortlever Families

Attached is the pedigree chart that begins with Arie Burgraff, born 22 October 1908, in Lynden, Whatcom County, Washington. Arie’s parents were Jan (John) Burggraaf and Marie (Mary) Kortlever. John changed his name from Burggraaf to our spelling of Burgraff around 1900, before the birth of Arie. The Burggraaf and Kortlever families emigrated from the same area of the Netherlands and were part of the large Dutch contingent that settled in Iowa. John’s parents Willem Burggraaf and Seigje Stek were in the original group of immigrants who settled in Pella, Marion County, Iowa, in 1847. Mary’s parents Jan Kortlever and Maaike Flora Bel arrived in the early 1880s and settled in Sioux County, Iowa. Mary and John met after the death of John’s first wife, Elizabeth Burggraaf.

Burgraff Kortlever Pedigree Chart

Some of the Surnames Included:
Burggraaf, Burgraff, Kortlever, Kortleever, Stek, van Stenis, den Besten, Bel, de Leeuw, van Blokland